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Laura Benson was educated as a lawyer, but law was never her passion. It was only during a family trip to France that she discovered what she really wanted to do. There she saw the popularity of market baskets — reusable, eco-friendly woven bags used to carry everything from groceries to clothing. The idea for Jeanne Beatrice was born.

She loved that the baskets combined form and function — that they represented fashion with a purpose. She decided to start selling them back in the US where they weren’t available. She found a family-run basket supplier in Morocco, and actually visited to get a feel for who was making the products she sold. Later she was inspired to add handmade Guatemalan bracelets to her shop, and then expanded to selling soap, sachets and other items that appealed to her customers.

Laura initially launched her store using another platform, but was stifled by its limitations. Her website designer Bill Bowman of Bowman Design helped her do a comparison of e-commerce platforms, and they chose Bigcommerce because of the built-in marketing features, scalability and the App Storeintegrations with services like QuickBooks and MailChimp.

“Bigcommerce makes professional-grade marketing easy,” said Bowman. “It lets small businesses use the same strategies as large corporations — like promotions, coupons and rule-based options — with just a few clicks. I think it’s the go-to solution for small businesses.”

Bowman Design designed her brand, merchandising strategy and new Bigcommerce store, whileSprout Commerce did the development, leveraging out-of-the-box and custom solutions. Bowman chose to work with Sprout Commerce due to their in-depth knowledge of utilizing the power and flexibility of the Bigcommerce platform, and because they could accommodate his recommended e-commerce design.

The new store launched just before Thanksgiving, and has already seen some impressive results, with a strong conversion rate of 1.82%. The Bigcommerce abandoned cart saver added 20% to total sales, which otherwise would have been lost.

Founding her own online store gave Laura a job she loves where she gets to form rich, deep relationships with the artisans who create the goods she sells. We’re happy to help make it easy for her to sell online!

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