Our Story


We offer globally focused & thoughtful eco-chic design. . . classic style with an edge, often in the form of a market basket.  Laura J. Benson, the owner of Jeanne Beatrice, is a lawyer by education.  But she wanted to find work that she loved.  She got the idea for her business on a family trip to France, where market baskets are everywhere, and hasn’t looked back. She is grateful to have a job that enables her to wear lots of different hats and that flexes both her business and creative sides.  She loves meeting and working with new people from all over the world.  Jeanne is her middle name and Beatrice is her daughter’s.


Like the interwoven fibers of a basket, we are all interconnected.  We have a responsibility to nurture our planet, as it nurtures us.  
Jeanne Beatrice

Laura went to Morocco in 2008 to check out the baskets and fell in love with the land and the people. She formed a partnership with the High Atlas Foundation, a non profit organization which focuses on global sustainable development (for example, planting orange trees and building an irrigation system provides local people with income from selling the oranges for years to come).  She is currently working with artisans in Guatemala to bring their beautiful hand beaded bracelets to the US and treasures the direct and strong bonds that she has formed with them.

Laura is always on the lookout for a good adventure.  She greatly enjoys the richness and balance that her work brings to her life.  She is passionate about her business, market baskets, the environment, travel, and friends & family.